When visiting New Orleans, food takes center stage. Crawfish boils, gumbo, po-boys and fried chicken are hard to leave behind – nowhere else in the world does it quite like NOLA. Take a piece of New Orleans home with you with one of the delicious snacks below. Trust us – three hours into your drive, you’ll be glad you stocked up when you find that praline at the bottom of your bag.

Zapp’s Kettle Potato Chips

Crispy, spicy and oh-so flavorful, Zapp’s chips are a New Orleans favorite, a staple in the pantry of every New Orleanian’s home. Kettle cooked and packaged right outside of New Orleans in Gramercy, the chips come in a variety of flavors, from salt & vinegar to Voodoo to Spicy Cajun Crawtator to Evil Eye. It’s a party in your mouth every time you pop a chip. Find them online or at local grocery stores. 

Rebecca Todd
Loretta’s Pralines

Loretta’s Authentic Pralines

Loretta gründete ihr Pralinenunternehmen vor über 35 Jahren und baute es zu einem erfolgreichen Unternehmen mit zwei Standorten in New Orleans (French Market und Marigny) aus. Obwohl sie im Februar 2022 verstorben ist, lebt ihr Vermächtnis weiter. Die Praline ist ein klassisches Konfekt aus New Orleans, das aus Zucker, Milch, Butter und Pekannüssen hergestellt wird. Außen hart und innen cremig, befriedigen Lorettas Pralinen Ihren süßen Zahn mit einem unschlagbaren Geschmack. Probieren Sie die Original-, Erdnussbutter-, Schokoladen-, Kokosnuss- oder Rum-Pralinen und entdecken Sie auch andere Angebote wie Kekse, Mini-Pies und King Cakes. Durchstöbern Sie die Auswahl online oder im Geschäft.  

Jamboree Jams

When it’s time for a little sustenance, consider making a sandwich using Jamboree Jams. This small-batch local company uses seasonal ingredients, copper pots and no commercial pectin to create their delectable jams. Fig & lemon, satsuma kumquat and strawberry vanilla are just a few of their rotating flavors. Order online or follow their Instagram to see where they’ll be popping up next in New Orleans. Big time bonus if you happen to be around when they’re selling their jelly-filled donuts (another excellent road trip treat, in our humble opinion).

Elmer’s Chee Wees

You know a snack is good when they have “New Orleans” on the bag. Elmer’s Chee Wees come in a variety of flavors including original, bar-b-que, hot-n-spicy and taco. And that’s not all – why not throw in a bag of caramel corn or roasted salted peanuts for the journey. Made right here in New Orleans, you can find the snacks at local grocery stores or online. 

Photo courtesy of Big Easy Bucha
Big Easy Bucha

Big Easy Bucha

Bubbly, refreshing and perfectly tart, the kombucha from Big Easy Bucha will quench your thirst and leave you wanting more. Infused with local and seasonal ingredients, flavors pack a punch and range from Jazz Juice Tea to Bayou Berry and more.  Visit their Mid-City warehouse or local grocery stores to scoop up the beverage. 

Boudin Balls

Boudin is a cooked sausage made of pork and rice, plus various seasonings and aromatics. It’s a staple in Cajun cuisine and can be found in different forms, including boudin balls. You’ll find the best at random gas stations throughout Louisiana. If you’re looking to find some before you leave New Orleans, check out Jacques-Imo’s or Red Fish Grill where they fry them up to order.

Kho Bo Ngoc Quyen (Vietnamese Beef Jerky)

Located on the West Bank of New Orleans, Kho Bo Ngoc Quyen is your go-to place for locally-made jerky. Try a range of flavors from spicy to sweet, and don’t leave without a stash for the road. Milk tea, candy and dried fruit are also available.

Haydel’s Hand Pies

Glazed to perfection with a filling of your choice, Haydel’s Hand Pies are baked fresh every day. Great for a road trip, these pies are individually packaged and easy to eat on the go. Filling choices include lemon, apple, coconut cream and cherry. Stop in store to survey your options or place a special order online. 

Image courtesy of TABASCO
TABASCO Spicy Dark Chocolate Singles

TABASCO Brand Pepper Sauce Snacks

TABASCO sauce is our condiment of choice here in New Orleans, and it’s made right outside of the city on Avery Island. The brand has a line of road trip-ready snacks, including TABASCO-spiced jelly beans and individually-wrapped Spicy Dark Chocolate Singles. You can find these snacks online.  
Still missing New Orleans once you’re home? Check out Goldbelly, which can ship roast beef po’boys from Parkway, seafood gumbo from Commander’s Palace and chocolate chip cookies from Willa Jean (plus more!) nationwide.